Weekend outfit recap

This past weekend I celebrated 2 birthdays and of course any excuse to get all dolled up!!

Friday night
Top- Celine this shirt goes with anything
Skater skirt- jcpenney I know shocking and I think it was only $4
Shoes- Christian louboutin how dare me not get a picture of these beauties

Saturday night

I went for a more simple look with a black dress that I have no idea where it came from and I know this was the first time I ever wore it and my fabulous silver malicious Steve madden sandals..I kid you not I stalked these shoes until they went on clearance lol

My friends are so fabulous yes the diva in the blue lipstick been knowing her since 1st grade love her to pieces. And my little smurfette came along in college she is the one in the midi dress and we totally look like we go together she is my little buttercup OK I'm done now


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