Skirts with pockets

Give me a skirt with pockets any day!! Lol I am not sure what it is about dresses and skirts with pockets but I just get a little too excited about it.

This is another one of my eBay scores I am telling you if you haven't shopped on eBay you don't know what your missing its kind of amazeballs lol!!
Dalmatian printed skirt-Ebay (Target) 
Denim jacket- GAP 
White Tee- Forever 21 
Braided Belt- Forever 21 
Heels-Agaci (I could wear these shoes every day they are super comfy) 


  1. loving this from top to bottom! including the nail polish :)

    1. Thanks doll!!! I believe this is opi "do you lilac it" ;)


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