Double Bubble

Hello Dolls!!!

Lol I am tickled by my blog title because I realized that I looked like a double bubble wrapper.  This is my first time pairing these two colors together but I absolutely love how the outfit turned out.   I can really tell by these pictures it is time to invest in a new phone!!

Sheer Top- Macy's (old) 

Knuckle Ring-Ebay (came with 4 pieces) 
Crop Pants- Macy's
When I originally purchased these pants they went all the way down to my ankles or so I thought.  Well when I put them on to wear I was flooding so bad lol easy fix I just rolled them up and moved right along!!  


  1. Give me those shoes!!! Cuteness!

    1. lol..these were one of my lucky finds at Bakers before they closed!!


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