Hello dolls!!!

I can't even begin to describe how epic the on the run tour was. If you haven't seen Mrs. B in concert it is a must she puts on a SHOW that's for sure. 

Anyways let me focus on my outfit. My outfit was inspired by a post from pinterest and the flawless video of course and I just put my own spin on it. There were some some very creative outfits and I wish I could have captured some of them to feature on the blog.

Denim Shorts- Target 

My Inspiration

Bodysuit- Forever21 
Flannel- JCPenney 
Nude Heels- Target 
I just wanted to share a few shots from the concert!!  I loved all her outfits and I think my fave was her closing black leotard with the glad tied around her waist.  OMG she gave me so much life lol 


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