Boyfriend style

Hey Dolls!!
I tapped into my manly side over the weekend.  I am not sure if it was pass or fail but I went with it all the way. 
Of course its the middle of December and it was in the 70's and I felt weird about wearing shorts lol
So I went with some handmade shorts that I made from a pair of jeans from the local goodwill. I added combat boots and a flannel because I knew the temperature would drop later on in the night .
Forgive my room we just bought a new bedframe so we are sleeping college style with mattresses on the floor lol
Outfit Details:
Gray Tee|Target
Boyfriend Shorts| Thrifted and cut from old jeans
Plaid Shirt| JCPenney
Combat Boots| K&G
Polish| Essie| Marshmallow


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